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Gallery and Classes are located in Pfafftown, North Carolina

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Parent – Child Pottery Class 


  • Spring | Summer | Fall Pottery Enrichment Classes

It’s difficult to find a more inviting a medium than clay. Clay is soft and cool to the touch, and easily manipulated and sculpted into many three-dimensional forms. Working with clay fosters a special kind of communication among hands clay and imagination. It is a very personal, almost therapeutic experience for adults as well as children.

What an excellent opportunity for Parent and Child bonding while exploring the wonderful medium call clay.

An important part of this experience is the development of basic hand building skills and techniques such as pinching, coiling and slab construction along with exciting glazing techniques in a professional studio / gallery setting that also show cases and includes a tour of the Eure home showcased in Winston-Salem Living Magazine showing how clay can be used and displayed in a contemporary setting.

Child may register separately.

Adult Clay Hand Building Pottery & Sculpture Class


  • Spring | Summer | Fall Pottery Enrichment Classes
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    • Wheel Throwing (Clay)
    • Drawing
    • Wood Carving

It’s amazing how much fun, challenging and beneficial creating with clay can be by just using simple household forms, learning proper clay preparation and methods for making pottery and the proper selection of glazes. This can possibly be just enough to turn a beginner into a professional. Join in the fun of learning the process by creating 1 to 2 creations of functional pottery or decorative 2 to 3 dimensional clay sculpture using the hand building method.

To start preferred initial shapes or forms, small to medium household forms (oatmeal boxes, porous bowls without rims, etc.) to be used as molds are welcomed but not required.

Classes are open to adults having little to advance experience in working with clay.

Children’s Art Enrichment Classes (1st-8th grade)


  • Spring | Summer | Fall Pottery Enrichment Classes

Pottery Team Building


Events that foster company team building are developing all over the country and Pottery Team Building is one of them. These classes are designed and created to provide unforgettable and meaningful experiences that participants will keep talking about learning from and building upon. They foster fun, excitement, laughter and camaraderie within the work place. This not only fosters fun and camaraderie but also attracts attention and produce better profits for their companies in the long run.

Bring an idea of what you would like to create, sketch/photo, go to www.barbaraeure.org to view web site or just let your imagination soar to new heights as you explore with clay.

One-on-One Classes

An important part of this experience is to continue the development of art skills while experimenting
without fear of failing or not conforming to strict instructions.  Students will improve his or her creativity
as well as be able to experiment with different techniques, materials  tools and glazes. This class also
includes a tour of the Eure home featured in the 2008 issue of Winston-Salem Living Magazine under
Artistic Contemporary Living. This tour showcases how clay and other materials can be used to create
utilitarian and decorative works of art.



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