About Barbara


Barbara Eure works in a variety of mediums including clay, relief woodcarving, batik and the vibrant painting of silk. Harmony is created in her paper batiks by using subdued colors and strong rhythmic patterns. She creates pottery and ceramic tiles using high fire clay that can be used to decorate interiors as well as exteriors of exquisite homes. Her massive and dramatic woodcarvings using recurrent alternation of strong patterns, dimension and depth add character to any setting. The images and characters exemplified in her masks, influenced by African ritual masks, show stylized portraits of mythical figures or archetypes. Their expressions of identity is normally down played or concealed and her stylized sculpture shows strength and a strong sense of pride. She is versatile in producing whatever is required for a particular setting.

Eure was Born With a Veil with the powerful Gift of the Spirit of Seeing on the Delmarva Peninsula of the Chesapeake Bay in Eastville, VA. Her current clay sculptures with unintended spiritual images and meaning have given her spiritual revelations as to her real calling. “Angel of Mercy” and “Save the Children” are just two that exemplify the presence of such images.


Barbara majored in Art Education at the University of Maryland (Eastern Shore) graduating in 1970. Taught in the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Senior High Schools, Forsyth Technical Community College and Summit School.

With more than 47 years of art experience, Barbara provides artistic interior and exterior home decor. She offers a variety of classes including Pre-Dental Sculpture and a wide variety of artwork, from wood relief carvings to interior and exterior tile accents for the home. 

Her pottery is microwavable and oven-safe. Barbara's art enhances the beauty of any home.


Wall Decor - "Save the Children"


Barbara was the owner and manager of The North Carolina League of Creative Arts & Crafts, Warehouse Arts and Collector's Choice, fine arts and crafts shops for 11 years. 

She has traveled with The National Conference of Artist to Africa and while traveling extensively in Europe, studied Raku pottery in Bassono Del Grappa, Italy. Barbara also studied the aqua-ducts and fountains of Rome.


Parent-Child Pottery Class 
Adult Clay Hand Building Pottery & Sculpture Class 
Children (1st-8th grade)
Pottery Team Building Classes
Dental Sculpture & Team Building Classes

Wall Decor - "God the Father"


Barbara's pieces can be seen throughout her home. The gallery also has a collection of her finished works.